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Not a lot going on in my life right now. Just the same old every day. Working, going to the kindergarten to get the little girl (the older girl is going home from school alone), looking if the older girl did all her homework in school, taking care of the household, making dinner - and falling dead tired on the couch after the kids are finally sleeping. So not a lot of time left for something to really happen. But: 
  • I did watch all of the "Life UneXpected" so far last week. And I really really love the show - the characters and the idea of the plot. I really hope The CW will give them a second season. But (cut for spoilery reason) )
  • I did watch the first two episodes of parenthood.  I think I really like it, too.
  • I want to do a Vampire Diaries-marathon with hubby this week. We watch the episodes they are showing in German TV, when we are at home (usually Wednesday is our "date-night").
  • I bought new shoes this weekend. And I'm not buying a lot of them usually. But right now I really feel like "new shoes". Usually I prefer sneakers and just really comfortable shoes. But this are pumps with an 2,5 inch-heel. I'm wearing them today. And I really hope my feet won't hurt to much tonight ;).
  • Still knitting in the evenings. Right now - surprise - socks for my niece.
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Just a quick stopping by to wish you all Merry Christmas and really nice holidays. Enjoy your free time and all your presents.


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